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BPSC AE Civil Syllabus

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Why join Sacred Gurukul for competitive exams preparation?

Sacred Gurukul


Every year, many students, especially from Bihar, clear the major competitive exams nationwide.

It is mainly because of 2 reasons — first, competitive exams provide an opportunity to students from rural areas or humble backgrounds to compensate for the lack of resources. Second, it also offers job security.

Are you preparing for BPSC & JPSC? Do you want to study at the best BPSC/JPSC Coaching in Patna?

With our proven track record in both competitive exams, Sacred Gurukul is the obvious first choice of many students preparing for these exams. Read this blog to know what Sacred Gurukul has different from the rest.

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Why do you need coaching?

We need to understand that not all students who fall into the above-discussed categories have someone to guide them towards the right path, or they are capable enough to figure it out independently.

That is where the coaching comes into the picture. 

Also, some students are preparing for boards while preparing for competitive exams simultaneously. As competitive exams demand more & more time to prepare for every subject and topic, students can prepare for the competitive exam in coaching while studying for their boards in school.

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But why Sacred Gurukul?

So many coaching institutes help students prepare for competitive exams. So why only Sacred Gurukul?


  1. Guidance from the experts: Our experts focus on making your base strong. Through coaching classes, you will be familiar with the types and varieties of questions and the exam pattern.

    Since every competitive exam has a different pattern, our experts help you study the right way. From short-cut tricks to less time-consuming methods, they will guide you through ways that will help you attempt your exam as fast as possible.

  2. New & easy techniques: We focus on finding new easy techniques and help you study efficiently. Our notes come with tips and tricks that will help you understand the concept better.

    Also, depending upon the grasping power of a student, our teachers develop a new way of teaching. It helps students to grow and learn at his/her own pace.

  3. Affordable education: This is perhaps one of the important highlights of our programs. We understand that many students have talent but not resources. Hence, we have many completely free courses.

    It helps the students in need and is our way of giving back to the community.

    Our paid courses, too, are pretty much affordable. Check both the free & paid disciplines here.

  4. Online model: Not many institutes can teach online as effectively as we. We invest much time making every class worth your time.

    Also, the online model saves your time and helps you learn from the comfort of your home.


So if you are an aspiring student, we recommend you to check our free courses. If you like it the you can join our paid courses too.