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Importance Of Appearing For Competitive Exams From An Early Age

Sacred Gurukul

Challenges and Motivation

“Life is a race... if you don't run fast.. you will be like a broken anda..(egg)”

Do you remember this quote from the movie, 3 Idiots?

While the movie put this dialogue in a negative light, in reality, it holds true…true for competitive exams at least.

With the competition getting more fierce with every passing year and the doorway into the best of the academic institutes is just not straightforward.

To get a gist of how cut-throat the competition is, let us run you through some stats — in 2021, 10,48,012 students registered for JEE Main. Out of which, only 41,862 qualified for the JEE Advance. These students then compete for 16,234 IIT seats.

If you do the maths, the success rate is only 1.54%.

Can you believe it?

Therefore, apart from a lot of hard work and dedication, it now requires consistent efforts too to get selected among millions of candidates.

How early should one start preparing for competitive exams?

Early preparation is one sure-short way to ensure success in competitive examinations.

But, the question is… how early?

Is this early ok?

Naah, definitely not.

In our experience, the correct age to start preparation for competitive exams such as JEE or NEET is while students are in the 11th and 12th standard.

It is because most of the concepts tested in competitive exams are covered in these standards.

When preparing for competitive exams, an early start allows you many chances to analyze your preparation and efficiency to deliver on the D-Day.

Benefits of Appearing in Competitive exams from School

There are numerous advantages of appearing in competitive exams from your senior secondary years. Some of them are listed below:

Gives Learning and Exposure

Early exposure to coaching & preparation for competitive exams helps build confidence and give you enough time to sharpen your skills. 

This way when you pass your 12th & give it your attempt, you’re far better prepared than most of the students appeared for the respective exam.


Better Understanding of Concepts

It is safe to say that the syllabus of competitive exams is an extension of your 11th & 12th standard course.

Hence, when you prepare for competitive exams along with your secondary education, you understand concepts in a broader way and it helps you widen your horizon.


Excel in your career

Exposure to competitive exams from a young age enhances your IQ, logical and analytical thinking.

This benefits you later down the road with your practical life that requires more of these qualities.


Make Right Career Choice

Appearing for competitive exams from a young age makes you subjective and practical.

This helps make the right choice and build a strong foundation for your career.


Your Ticket to Foreign Universities

The road to many prestigious foreign universities becomes easier when you have a firm grip on concepts that helps you clear their entrance.

Not only this, but you could also secure some scholarships if they deem you bright enough. These scholarships provide financial assistance in further studies as well as boost morale while moving ahead in the future.

At last, we’d only want to say that there are no drawbacks of preparing & appearing for competitive exams from your senior secondary years. It’s just a myth that it can negatively impact your school studies. Moreover, an early step in that direction could shape your career & future.