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5 Reason: Why quizzing is important for every student in eLearning?

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Challenges and Motivation

Just when we thought that the world was shifting from traditional classrooms to smart classrooms, COVID happened, and it has changed the entire structure of learning & teaching.

Yes, we’re talking about e-Learning!

E-learning has made teachers & institutions redesign their teaching methods and the way they conduct tests & assessments.

Tests are now a thing of the past, and now is the time for quizzes.

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5 Reasons why quizzing is important for every student in eLearning?

Overcome your fear of tests

It’s a simple psychological fact — we, humans, by very nature, become very anxious when it comes to tests as we let the fear of failure get the best of us. Combined it with your sense of self-worth to your test scores, and you have got a perfect recipe of anxiety.

However, when it comes to quizzes, we associate them with fun activities rather than self-assessment. That’s probably why quizzes are the “most engaging type of content on Facebook.”, according to Kissmetrics.

Hence, quizzes can be a great way to remove the fear of failure from your mind and instead enjoy your assessments.

You learn more from it

Quizzes are a fun way to learn. Since mind process quiz as a fun activity, and not some scary assessment, you tend to learn & retain most of the information that you received during the quiz.

Remember how you used to watch KBC as a kid and then show off the same information to your friends the next day at school.

Helps you recall better

Quizzes create a positive impact on your mind towards learning and help you learn & recall facts better.

When you understand things better, you feel motivated. 

They make study interesting

Has it ever happened to you that you have an important test in a few days, but still you’re unable to concentrate on your studies?

It happens because, though you have an important test, your mind is still can’t process study as something interesting.

However, let’s say you have a cricket match in a week. You’d be going to net practice day & night to make sure you perform well on the match day.

Do you know what the difference between these two is?


It’s the chemical your mind secretes when you’re doing something interesting. Since your mind identifies cricket matches as interesting and not the test, you’ll have no problem practicing for it.

So what if you can make the tests fun?

Well, you’ll automatically be more focused while preparing for it.

They develop research skills

So you’ve encountered a quiz on Facebook, and you encountered questions you don’t know the correct options for. 

What do you do at that moment? Close it?


Most of us would go to the internet to find the correct answers. It’s because we, by very nature, don’t like to fail. Probably that’s the reason why students cheat on exams.

Hence, educators should always consider the possibility of students going to the web for answers. And this only encourages students’ research skills.


Now you understand why you should take more & more quizzes while preparing for your exams.

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