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Quiz Paper-04 (Civil / Mech / Electrical)

The quiz is structured as per the BPSC AE syllabus paper wise & subject-wise. All Topic Covered as per the BPSC AE syllabus. This quiz is common for Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering.

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Created by SACRED GURUKUL Last updated Sun, 14-Nov-2021 English
What will i learn?
  • Quiz of SOM
  • Quiz of Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
  • Quiz of Surveying
  • Quiz of Building Materials
  • Quiz of Fluid Mechanics
  • Quiz of Electrical Engineering
  • Quiz of Environmental Science
  • Quiz of Engineering Mechanics

Curriculum for this course
  • Graduate in Civil Engineering
  • Graduate in Electrical Engineering
  • Graduate in Mechanical Engineering
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The course will cover Engineering Economy & management, Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer, Engineering Materials, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids, Methodology of Constructions, Surveying, Electrical Measuring Instrument, Environment Science, Fluid Mechanics& Machine detailed sessions which will cover the entire syllabus.  All sessions will be covered along with selected conventional and MCQ for a better understanding. Practice questions will be solved in most of the classes to make students know how to approach questions in the exam.

The focus will be on building the concept base of the students, the Smart method or approaches to solving the question in minimum time. Which will be helpful in BPSC Objective Examination. The course will be conducted in Hindi and notes will be provided in English. 

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Detailed Syllabus

Engineering Mechanics. 

Simple Application of Equilibrium Equation. Equation of motion. Work, Power, Energy.

Surveying And Measurement 

Distance and Area measurement. Measurement of Direction, Slope, Elevation & Height. Common Survey instruments. Energy meter and their principal of working. Electrical shop instrument (Ammeter, voltmeter, Charge meter, Insulation tester) Mechanical Shop measurement instrument. Linear & Angular Measurement, Straight flatness roundness measurement.

Solid Mechanics 

General Stress & Strain and Consisting laws.  Transformation of stress and strain. Strain energy. Analysis of beam, column & Shaft Shear centre, Unsymmetrical Bending. Theories of failure

Engineering materials and construction

Bricks, Lime & Cement, Aggregate, Cast iron, Steel, Non-Ferrous materials. Timber, paint & miscellaneous materials, Consideration in Construction of masonry floors and walls, Testing of Engineering materials.

Elementary Engineering Electric circuit

 Thevenin's Theorem, Circuit law. Principal of Superposition, the introduction of Periodic function, Series and parallel connection in steady AC, Circuit having an induction. Resistance and capacitance, junction transistor, junction diodes. Equivalent circuit, common emitter equivalent circuits, magnetic circuits. Ideal transformer, transformer as a circuit element. Electromagnetic energy conversion. DC & AC motor and generator performance.

Engineering Economy & Measurement

Economy Principles of engineering Project planning, CPM & PERT techniques. Construction Equipments & safety, Analysis of rates of important construction

Environmental & Ecology

Water Pollution, Air Pollution, Ecology

Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machinery 

Laminar & Turbulent flow, Concept of the boundary layer. Continuity equation., Bernoulli's equation, energy equation, flow measurement. , Dimensional Analysis & modelling. , One-dimensional study. , Impulse & Reaction Turbine. Pelton wheel turbine Reciprocating and centrifugal pump.

Heat transfer & Thermodynamics 

Production of heat transfer single and multi-layer bodies. Natural forced convection heat transfer Concept of the thermal boundary layer, Stefan Boltzmann law, the law of radiation, Kirchoff law, the concept of black and grey bodies. Thermodynamics procesS 1st & 2nd law of thermodynamics, Carnot cycle, Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Rankine cycle

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